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How To Visualise Your Clients on a Map with Google Fusion

Here’s a neat trick.:

  • Export all your clients into an excel or CSV list of suburbs / cities. Or their entire address in one field for best results. Make sure the top Row has labels and the geographic one is called “Address”
  • Login to Google DOCs (but not via a google apps account, a personal gmail should work)
  • Click on CREATE -> Table (BETA)
  • Upload the CSV
  • Click NEXT to confirm the data looks ok
  • Click “View in Experimental”
  • At this point it may identify the city or address field which will show up as a map “Tab” you can click on, otherwise you can hit + and define the field to map the “address” column
  • Voila! A Beautiful, navigable map of your clients! Results may vary in the “experimental” mode, so you can always flick back to classic and try the Visualize -> Map method as well.

DNA Digital Client Map Visualisation


How to Kill Cane Toads

Up here, cane toads are as common as backpackers, hippies and property developers. Unlike these, we can actually kill cane toads. Should we? Well, they are an introduced species. But so is the dingo, technically speaking. Have they been here long enough to be considered locals? Probably not. They do have a huge impact on the native fauna though and have all but decimated native animal populations wherever they spread.

cane toadI don’t go out of my way to hurt them, but when I find them I have been known to shake their mortal coil. So I asked twitter, and here are some of the responses. Cane Toad Golf + Dettol Spray Bottles seem to be the most popular suggestions!

Apologies for the repeated question below, apparently embedded tweets don’t allow you to embed the reply only, and some don’t seem to render at all. Hopefully twitter will fix this.

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Unwritten Australian Road Rules

  1. If you pass a cop in the oncoming lane, flash your headlights twice to warn others.
  2. If you are in a slow vehicle and a truck overtakes you at night, flicker the highbeam to let the truck know they can pull back in.
    2a. Trucks signal “thank you” to this by indicating left to pull back in, then blinker right, then left again.
  3. If you overtake someone, don’t slow down after you do. That’s a dick move.
  4.  If you are going too slowly, don’t suddenly speed up in the overtake zone, let others pass you douchebag
  5. Always overtake ‘L’ platers… it’s the law. (Not really)
  6. If someone is tailgating you, slow down even more and smile in the rear view mirror.
  7. In rural australia, whoever has the most & biggest antennas and bumper stickers has right of way.
  8. Never swerve for animals. We have plenty of spare kangaroos but only one you.
  9. Drive 5-10% over the speed limit at all times otherwise you will slow down everyone else. Especially if you live in Sydney or Brisbane.
  10. Two revs of the engine at pole position at a red light commits you to an impromptu drag race.

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