WordPress Website Hacked – Australia-wide Rescue Service $75

Has your WordPress website been hacked?

The Medibank hack in 2020 was a wake-up call for many businesses in Australia about the importance of website security.

At DNA Digital we’ve noticed a huge increase in attacks against customer websites, particularly targeting outdated WordPress installations – and we’ve successfully defended and helped many customers through these events and secure their websites moving forward.

What do we do now?

If your website is hacked you should contact us immediately. When hackers have control of your website they can damage data, infect your visitors or customers, and install recurring backdoors allowing them access over and over.

What does DNA Digital do?

We take the following steps to secure your website :

  • Move all the files and backups off the current host to a secure server
  • Change all the passwords for hosting, WordPress and MySQL
  • Do a site-wide file scan of all infected files
  • Re-install and update a clean WordPress and all themes / plugins
  • Install protective firewall plugins and filesystem limits
  • Patch all PHP and hosting vulnerabilities
  • Rescan, and re-maintain the security on the site as required.

How much will it cost?

$75 is the incident response payment which allows us to check your website, and assess the level of damage and provide advice on what to do next. Small, minor infections may take only 1 hour to fix ($150), but rarer, wide infections may take 3-4 hours. We will always connect with you first to let you know your options.

  • WordPress Running Slowly
  • Lots of Returned Spam Emails
  • Blank / White Screen / Errors
  • Browser Warnings on your Website
  • Ransom Requests from Attackers
  • Suspicious Activity

    Request Website Rescue

    Contact us to rescue your hacked website. We usually respond within 1 hour during business hours.

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