Every year DNA Digital donates $1,000 to various charity organisations.

This year we decided to keep the money local, and though there are many worthwhile causes that money could have served, this year we wanted to supports the arts, culture and our community.

Bay FM is a public radio station held together by a passionate group of volunteers and as far as local public radio goes, the station’s quality is unseen elsewhere in Australia.


Personally speaking, my wife and I met at a public radio fundraiser 13 years ago. We were volunteering our time as musicians. In some ways, we may never have met were it not for that sense of community and public radio.

I realise there may be some irony for a digital / online company to support “traditional” media, but ultimately the content that radio stations create is more important than the way it is delivered. Check out their website to listen to recent records of their shows, including my favourite “Star Tours : The Night Sky“.

Keep up the good work, Bay FM!